D’Paul Kiddie Center wishes to work hand in hand with the parents in laying out the foundation for the total personal development of the children entrusted to its care.

To achieve this goal, the Center issues the following guidelines with the hope of having a pleasant and harmonious school-home relationship throughout the school year.

Uniforms – All D’Paul Kiddie Center Children are required to wear prescribed D’Paul uniform with black leather shoes and white socks except on certain occasions when children are asked to come in civilian clothes. Children should wear rubber shoes and white socks with their PE uniforms on Fridays. Children who will come in incomplete uniforms will not be admitted to classes.

I. D. – Because of the number of children the Center has in its care, identification of children becomes difficult; therefore, the Center requires that the I.D. is worn everytime the child reports to classes.
Absences and Tardiness – Classes begin and end on time, so do with meetings, programs and other activities at the Center. Punctuality, a desirable trait, can best be taught by letting the child report to class on time; likewise the child should be fetched on time.

Suspension of Classes – Typhoons / emergencies. Parents are advised to listen to radio or watch the news for announcements regarding suspension of classes during bad weather. As per directives, nursery and kindergarten classes are automatically suspended as soon as typhoon signal no. 1 is raised. Children who may have difficulty coming to the Center on very rainy days, in the absence of a typhoon signal, the child may be excused from classes upon presentation of a letter of excluse signed by either parent.

Chaperons and Yayas – Chaperons and yayas, except for valid reasons, will not be allowed in the Center grounds during class hours. The chaperons and the yayas are advised to let their wards carry their school materials (bags, envelopes, lunch bags) to and from classrooms, so that the children may learn to be independent and responsible. For security reasons, the children should be fetched from the classroom so that the teacher may see that each child is properly chaperoned during dismissal time.

Personal Items, Jewelry and Cash – Every personal item like the extra set of clothes, handkies, face towel, school materials including the lunch bag should bear the child’s name for easier identification in case any item is misplaced. Parents are advised not to allow their children to wear jewelry like watches, necklace, rings when they go to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of any personal item the child incurs. Only on mini-canteen days may children bring money to the Center; the Center advises the parents to attach the money of the child with the canteen slip the Center provides. Parents should train their children to check their materials before they go to school. Neatness and orderliness in one’s personal items should also be encouraged.

Mini-canteen, snacks, birthday parties and loot bags – The Center does not operate a regular canteen, hence, parents are advised to prepare their children’s snack which may consist of simple nutritious food, fruits, sandwiches or biscuits. The kind of food should  vary and the amount should not be more than what the child can take. Softdrinks, juices, candies and other junk foods are strictly prohibited in the Center. The food and water should be well packed in a snack bag so as to avoid spillage. A table napkin should be included in the preparation of snacks, together with a piece of rag that the child may use to clean his/her area after eating. The Center does not allow birthday party celebrations in any of its classroom; however, simple, inexpensive small items may be shared by the celebrator with his classmates as birthday souvenirs. Mini-canteen services will be held on days when children will be taught food values and the like. Warm foods and sandwiches will be served during mini-canteen days. Definitely, no junk foods will be served on these days.

Reminders and Letters from the Teachers / School Office – Parents should see to it that these are properly noted, with the return slip signed and returned to the teacher the following school day.

Homeworks / Seatworks / Test Papers – Parents are advised to sit down with their child and show appreciation for the child’s accomplishment. Negative remarks should be avoided in case the child’s performance does not measure up to the parents’ standards. Unaccomplished seatworks and homeworks (due to absences) may be answered at home with the parents supervision and returned to the teacher the following school day. Parents’ signature should appear in every activity sheet to acknowledge receipt of the papers.


 Progress Report Cards – Progress reports are issued at the end of the first quarter. The initial report is given during the parents-teachers meeting at the end of the first quarter. Reports for the second, thirs and last quarters are sent thru the progress report cards which are given to the children at the end of each quarter. These cards should be signed by either parent and returned to the teacher the following school day. A grade of NI or its numerical equivalent indicates the need for a parent-teacher conference. This can be set thru an appointment arranged with the head teacher. To avoid disruption of classes, teachers are not allowed to entertain visitors or parents during class hours.

Regrouping of Kinder 2 Children – After every quarter, the Kinder 2 children are regrouped according to their needs/readiness. This is done in an utmost/unprejudiced atmosphere.
Accident Insurance – Children are insured for 24 hours for the entire school year. Doctor’s certificate, medical and doctor’s receipts should be submitted to the Center’s office as requirements for the accident insurance claims.

Tuition Fees – The Center depends entirely on the tuition fees for its operation. These are supposed to be paid on time. The Center understands that there are instances when parents may forget and therefore notices are sent from time to time to remind them of their obligation.

Yearbook – The Center publishes and releases an annual magazine at the end of the schoolyear for a minimal fee, determined by the prevailing cost of printing and printing materials.


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