Mission ~ Vision

The D’Paul Kiddie Center stands for the total development of little children entrusted to its care.

This total development includes: social, physical, intellectual, emotional and moral.

The child’s stay in the center would invariably show his wholesome behavior with others, live harmoniously, share, give and take, and desirably interact with others, especially in play and work.

The child is trained in writing and coloring skills, with the muscles and the right play movements.

The child experiences activities in experimentation, observation, imitation, exploration, investigation and analyses – making him/her intellectually prepared for formal schooling.

The child is prepared in a manner he is self-confident, secured, is able to accept failures, can control his temper and become emotionally developed.

Above all the child is brought up in a righteous manner, upright, with fear and love of God, concern for his fellowmen and true love for his country.

The D’Paul Kiddie Center would like to be the able architect for the foundation of your little child, who later will become a true Filipino.




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